Why hire a professional pet sitter?

Benefits to your pet include: 

  • Staying at home in his/her safe, secure environment

  • Being surrounded by familiar sights, smells and sounds

  • Following his/her regular diet and exercise routine

  • Having play time

  • Receiving love and personal attention

  • Maintaining medical treatment, when required

  • Having someone responsible in case of an emergency

  • Eliminating the trauma of travel or an unfamiliar environment

  • Ensuring good health (no exposure to other animals’ illness or parasites)

Benefits to you include: 

  • Knowing that your pet is in caring, loving hands

  • Having the confidence that the pet sitter can deal with other issues – such as grooming, vet visits

  • Eliminating the trauma of having to transport and leave your pet

  • Not having to impose on family, friends or neighbors

  • Feeling your home is more secure (with someone going in and out several times a day)

  •  Insurance lets you know that you are dealing with a reliable and responsible professional that cares for your home and property as well as your pet

Do you keep pets in your home for overnights?

  • Yes. I have dogs in my home for a sleep over!  If your pets meet the criteria listed below, I will schedule a meet and greet to see if my home would be a great fit for your dog.

Benefits to staying in my home:

  • Other dogs to socialize and play with

  • Large fenced in back yard to chase, play, catch and take in the sun

  • Several doggie beds to lay on, furniture to nap on, and human beds to sleep in

  • Pet CPR certified

  • My Husband calls me “The Dog Whisperer”

  • Plenty of TLC

Are you Insured?

  • Yes. I am Insured through Kennel Pro

What other requirements do you have for keeping pets in your home?

  • Pets must be current on vaccinations

  • Recent Fecal test to rule out worms

  • Neutered or Spayed

  • Must be on Flea preventative

  • Non aggressive

  • House trained

What is your payment policy?

  • Before service can begin, we require payment at the time of reservation and a completed, signed contract. Cash or check are acceptable forms of payment. A service charge of $30 will be required for each returned check.

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